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A core tenet of osteopathic medicine is the body is a unit; the person is a unit of body, mind and spirit.

It can be tempting to see these as separate portions of a whole, addressing them in piece or part in an effort to support our overall well-being.

The pie-chart view considers that which serves the body – exercise, nutrition, rest; that which serves the mind – learning, meditation, problem-solving; that which serves the spirit – relationships, retreat, rejuvenation – and taking steps to even out the distribution of time and attention spent with each. This is a reasonable approach.

But what if we can move beyond the boundaries separating these aspects and truly see a unified self and how seamless integration of these three is truly the way back to our best health.

Consider an ecosystem – the land, air and water have unique, individual properties but there is no separation of their health – if the air is polluted, the clouds will hold the toxins, concentrating and falling from the sky as rain into the river, leeching into the ground and poisoning all that takes root in the soil, limiting the ability to clean the air and so the cycle continues. Actions can be taken to clean one element, and progress can be made, but more so when common problems are identified and addressed with the whole in mind.

What is the common thread? Where can we have the greatest influence? Is it possible to see the whole of ourselves and hold space for each of these to be nurtured for our best health?

What if there were a way to access all three in a unified fashion? What if you had the tools to support yourself no matter what situation you encountered in life? What if you had a resource to show you again and again that you are whole, worthy and capable – of daily tasks and the grandest dreams you can imagine?

By providing insight into the direct impact of our thoughts (mind) on the feelings (spirit) that drive our actions (body) for the results (health) we want in our life regardless of the circumstances (neutral factors beyond our control), coaching is a way, a tool, a resource – granting you access to the power that has always been within.

Be encouraged and empowered to take control of your life and realize that there is no circumstance that exists beyond your ability to respond to it. You are unity – body, mind and spirit – and you have everything you need to express your health fully, vibrantly, boldly.

Join me and see within, harness your power and step forward as the whole self you are now and always!