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Coaching to Find the Power Within

A core tenet of osteopathic medicine is that the body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing and health maintenance.

The grand design of the human system defaults to health. Consider all that unfolds to transition from embryo to newborn and the amazing capacity of our being to function from breath to breath, heartbeat to heartbeat. There are intricate happenings at the most micro levels keeping us alive in and between each moment.

When things don’t work as we expect them to. When we are not at our optimal capacity. When health is clouded by illness and dysfunction, we can lose sight of this inherent wholeness and it can seem unfathomable that all we need for self-healing and health maintenance exists within.

The lens we can forget when clear, is the task load of modern life – easily fogged with panting breath and reddened cheeks, flushed from the rush of busy, more, do, hurry and now. From behind these spectacles, our view of health can be completely obstructed.

Consider a working parent in the modern world. At baseline, this person is well, rested, fulfilled, capable, engaged, eager, willing and able. As tasks of the day are added – waking up, exercising, making breakfast, greeting family, organizing lunches, transporting to school and child care, arriving at work, answering messages, managing to-do lists, finishing on time, carpool, extracurricular activities, dinner, date night, bedtime – this person adapts, rebalances, draws on reserves and can continue to maintain their health if the external environment is favorable. Life does not always cooperate, and challenges occur – natural disasters, unexpected unemployment, family illness, death of a loved one, loss of community, care for a relative – and at some point, the capacity for health can be overwhelmed. For all the grand wiring and central processing, if the circuit board is overheated, the system can no longer function. Sometimes it is a brief pause for cooling. Sometimes it is a longer pause for mending. Sometimes an entire system update is needed. Sometimes parts must be replaced. Sometimes it is rendered beyond repair.

How can we preserve access to this inherent self-healing capacity? How do we ensure that our self-regulation remains available and avoid over-heating? How do we maintain an unobstructed view to our health?

By learning to recognize the challenges while they remain manageable. By seeing limitations as safe and necessary guidelines for staying within ourselves and our inherent capacity. By understanding selfish choices as critically essential boundaries made out of the truest form of generosity – to the health of all things, ourselves included.

These are difficult lessons and require a shift in mindset, a novel approach to self-care and a deepened awareness of the power we have within – both to achieve, maintain and promote our health and to stand strong in the face of all that threatens this inherent ability.

The nature of this path – the busy, blindered bustle of modern life makes it difficult to walk alone. To have someone walking with you, encouraging your steps, reminding you of all that you are capable of can make all the difference. They can help you clear the way, remove obstructions, shine a light on the path – not by walking ahead and doing this FOR you, but by walking beside and reflecting back to you all that you contain within, showing you the tools that have always existed and holding space for you to wield them at the right time, in the right way and find your way back to your most perfect self.

Who might you choose to join you on this path? A friend? Your spouse? Likely your journeys are already so intertwined that they cannot step enough to the side to provide a clear, unbiased reflection. A counselor or psychologist? Great resources to be sure, but the nature of the relationship is governed by guidelines, responsibility and liability that can limit the amount of time and nuance of discussion needed.

A coach has the unique capacity to see you fully, listen without judgment and a sole responsibility to show you your own thinking and reflect back to you only your own greatness, ability, power – free of opinion, direction, influence or expectation. Simply a showing of self. A reveal of all that is and has been within, ready to be restored, renewed and released for the best health of all things – starting with you!

Join me and let’s take the next steps on this path together.