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Professional Coaching

Physician Coaching & CME for Individuals & Institutions.

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Unlock Your Full Potential. Find Ease & Joy in Life.

Whether you are struggling with relationships, work, finances, fitness, parenting or goal-setting, I will help you discover the path back to satisfaction, contentment, ease and connection.

Whether you are celebrating progress on a big idea, your anniversary, a promotion or new baby, I will help you gain sustainability, appreciation, ownership and grace.

Whether you are wondering “what else,” “why now,” “why me,” “how will I do this,”I will help you find the answers with confidence, clarity and care.

I’ll be the mirror reflecting your greatness back to you.

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Seeking greatness, finding balance, pursuing passion as a parent – athlete – physician.


May my experiences shared encourage the best in you!

This Osteopathic Life

Expanding the understanding and application of osteopathic philosophy to serve as guiding principles for a cultural revolution grounded in love and humanity.


Share your vision for the health of all things!

Coaching For Intuitions

Bringing health to medicine through creation and implementation of coaching programs at all stages of medical education, training and practice.

Live Inconceivable

Providing daily inspiration to help you make life mean what you think it means.


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What Is Life Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Coaching is a mirror, showing you yourself in a way you cannot see on your own.

Coaching doesn’t give you answers or directions – coaching offers you the opportunity to listen to the incredible insight you have within.

Coaching doesn’t make life easier – coaching shows you the ease already present in every situation.

Coaching doesn’t change anything – coaching helps you see that everything or nothing can change and that you get to decide.

Coaching to Organize Your Mind

A core tenet of osteopathic medicine is that structure and function are reciprocally interrelated.

Nowhere is this more critical than the innerworkings and organization of our mind.

Consider for a moment a messy closet – I’d venture that most of us have had one at one time or another in our life…

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Coaching for Rational Treatment

The fourth osteopathic tenet is a reflection of the first three: rational treatment is based upon an understanding of the basic principles of body unity, self-regulation and the interrelationship of structure and function.

Each one a journey into itself, what does it mean to bring them all together? Focusing on one can seem daunting, how on earth would you manage all three, all at once? The great news is that the work actually gets easier when you step back and view them all at once, in concert, directed by your awareness and amazing power within…

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Coaching: The Antidote and Preventative for Burnout

Prevention is the best medicine. But when you’re already sick, what you really want is effective treatment. When the level of contagion is high and the likelihood of contracting a disease is great, you want to know that there are options available to support you when you inevitably get sick. If herd immunity is the most effective means of eradication, you want to do your part and hope others will do the same.

Some work hard to formulate the vaccine while others investigate by trial and error new potential cures. How amazing would it be if there was a single solution that could ultimately fulfill both roles…?

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Coaching to Find the Power Within

A core tenet of osteopathic medicine is that the body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing and health maintenance.

The grand design of the human system defaults to health. Consider all that unfolds to transition from embryo to newborn and the amazing capacity of our being to function from breath to breath, heartbeat to heartbeat. There are intricate happenings at the most micro levels keeping us alive in and between each moment…

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Coaching to Unify Body, Mind, Spirit

A core tenet of osteopathic medicine is the body is a unit; the person is a unit of body, mind and spirit.

It can be tempting to see these as separate portions of a whole, addressing them in piece or part in an effort to support our overall well-being.

The pie-chart view considers that which serves the body – exercise, nutrition, rest; that which serves the mind – learning, meditation, problem-solving; that which serves the spirit – relationships, retreat, rejuvenation – and taking steps to even out the distribution of time and attention spent with each. This is a reasonable approach…

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About Me

Health actually IS all around.

I have been a coach before I even knew of the concept.

Encouraging others, finding untapped potential, revealing the greatness within.

In my work as a physician, I see health emerge through connection, understanding and thoughtful listening.

As a gym owner, I observed health through the power of the collective nurtured through expert guidance, feedback and encouragement.

Through roles in education and administration, I witness health grow through organization, delegation and cooperation.

As a parent, I appreciate health reflected back to me with unfettered joy, honesty and curiosity.

Humanity actually IS all around.

I work with individuals and institutions to renew, rebuild, revitalize, reveal, reinforce and restore health and humanity.

I’d love to learn more about your story – schedule a call today!



Coaching with Amelia has been inspiring and life-changing.

Especially during this pandemic, it has helped me to move forward both professionally and personally rather than feeling

Our work enabled me to clear out obstacles that were blocking me from knowing and being my true self.

Amelia balances deep listening with observing and synthesizing my patterns that motivates me to clear through my mental and physical clutter.

She helps me to formulate action steps so that I use the time between sessions productively.

Amelia is supportive and direct, encouraging me to make the best use of the life I have been given.

Amelia is great and I enjoyed having her as my life coach. I am new to life coaching but I’m a believer now!

I am an emergency room physician and it was awesome discussing everything from events at work to things happening at home.

Throughout my time with her, I learned to handle my frustrations more constructively both at work and in my personal life and even my fiancé noticed the change!

Having my weekly meetings with Amelia also helped my anxiety and improved my sleep.

Amelia is very patient, thoughtful and offers great insight in a nonjudgemental way.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

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